Generally this is not the width of the film, but the maximum printable area. Most copies will print 22.5" wide if using 24" film

This is the maximum length gang sheets will be created. If your project requires a longer sheet it will be split into multiple sheets

This is the distance of empty space around each image. Too small will make transfers hard to cut down, too large and you'll have wasted space

If your images print left aligned, change this to make them print right aligned

1. Upload Art
2. Enter Dimensions
3. Download Gang

Easily Create & Share Gang Sheets

Tired of wasting time creating gang sheets manually?

Let this website automatically remove deadspace, figure out which way to rotate an image, set the copies, and create print-ready gang sheets in seconds! Oh... and did we mention FREE?

  • Upload mulitiple files
  • Set image dimensions and number of copies
  • Verify the image DPI
  • Click "Create Gang"
  • Download or share your print-ready files
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